Senior Engineer

Position Type: 

Quanta Technology LLC seeks Senior Engineer (Raleigh, NC) Duties: Research, develop, and design electrical components, equipment and systems, applying principles and techniques of electric power systems engineering. Proficiency in modeling, simulation and analysis of modern and future power distribution systems using advanced engineering analysis tools such as ETAP, PSAT, CYME, OpenDSS, MATLAB, Python, GridLab-D, SKM, and Power World.  Analyses include power flow, volt-VAR control, power systems, power systems operations and market, contingency and power quality analyses, voltage and transient stability, transient and fault current analyses, protection system coordination and protection relay testing. Apply knowledge of power electronics and control techniques to power distribution systems. Support application tool development, specification development, project management and system design. Support projects by developing project reports, writing proposals and presenting Quanta Technology’s competencies and offerings to customers.  Develop contacts to generate projects. Follow the Quanta processes, strategic directions, and vision.

Required:  Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering or related field plus 2 years of experience in the job offered or related engineering positions. Must have experience with advanced engineering analysis tools ETAP, PSAT, CYME, OpenDSS, MATLAB, Python, GridLab-D, SKM and Power World; Distribution Power Systems Analysis, Power Systems Operation & Market and Volt-VAR Control and Optimization.

Experience may be gained through graduate coursework and/or job experience.

Submit resumes online at  Quanta Technology LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.